Web analytics and the importance of integrating with Social and SEO strategies

Web analytics consists in collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting all activity on a website or other online asset in order to track consumer behavior. It can also be applied to social media assets, and be the base of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Acquired data should be properly analyzed, and furthermore will result in actions that will help a business to achieve success. Business success can mean different things for different sites: an online store wants to sell items, a mobile app wants to get more users, or a YouTube channel wants the audience to stick around for the entire video and so on.

Tracking analytics enable businesses to check if their customers are acting how they expect. If not, these businesses can assess what is the “bump on the road”, and work towards directing customers to take the actions that comply with their objectives.

Interpreting these numbers and translating this data into data-driven business decisions can define the success or failure of all online experiences. Strategizing is important, but accessing the impact of every action can define the success or failure of a campaign or site. Analytics tools can track visits, visitors, sessions, bounce rates, conversions, engagements, etc.

How web analytics affect marketers and influence SEO and Social strategy?

Web Analytics allow us to find out exactly how our online asset is performing. Marketers use analytics to:

  • Measure and track results across time
  • Understand visitors, leads, prospects
  • Understand, track and improve the mechanisms used to convert your first visitor into a valuable customers.

Web analytics should be the base of our digital marketing related decisions, which most times involve SEO and Social Media strategies. It allows us to know our customers and its preferences. It can be inspiration for content creation in Social Media, or for a better and more user friendly webpage. It can inspire a business to cater to new and unexplored demographics or locations. It can help us create strategies based on dates of high sales or low sales. It gives marketers the possibility of understand, connect and serve customers with exactly what they are looking for. Happy customers are the key to a successful web business, and analytics is a way to achieve that.

For business success, it is crucial not only to measure, but also to act on those measurements. There are many ways to measure business impact through analytics tools, it is up to the analyst to choose the right tools and metrics, interpret data correctly (being careful not to collect data just for the sake of data collection), and taking action. As Avinash Kaushik very well said: “if you remember nothing else, remember this: life is about taking action, and if your work is not driving action, you need to stop and reboot.


About Mariana De Lucca

Mariana De Lucca is a Global SEO Specialist at iProspect, currently leading digital marketing strategies for Sony Electronics. She is also working towards her graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at West Virginia University. She worked as a journalist and in the music industry before joining the Google Search Ads Quality team as an admin. Having all forms of emerging media as a passion, she holds Audience Development and Digital Rights certifications from YouTube, and worked as a Partner Development Manager for the YouTube channel and MCN AwesomenessTV.
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1 Response to Web analytics and the importance of integrating with Social and SEO strategies

  1. dleastep says:

    Excellent overview for the importance of integrating social media and SEO strategies: marketers really need to keep a full 360-view of the ways their customers traverse their purchase-path. In some recent reading about the importance of Google’s view of your company’s trustworthiness is determining SERP, I discovered that an entity’s ability to execute quality “brand” signals is necessary for true SEO. Tactics such as having a “branded” website domain name, complete About Us page, active and diverse social media accounts and keyword site names all contribute along with other trustworthy factors like Google highly-trusted seed sites (.gov, .edu, CNN.com, etc.) toward establishing and maintaining high Google TrustRank. You make a second key point, in that at the end of the day, analytics are only tools to action. As dynamic and diverse as communication is today, no one has the master insight that will guarantee customer conversions and high ROI so we have to be willing to try a campaign in a test market, evaluate and re-tool, as you say.


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